Gourmet Gadget Gal Review – Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount

by Gourmet Gadget Gal on March 14, 2012

Even thought I own about a thousand cookbooks, I find as a blogger that I spend much more time these days looking at recipes online. Ever since we got our IPad2, I have found myself relying more and more upon it as a portable kitchen gadget, albeit one that I live in fear that I will knock off the counter or spill my wine over.

Enter two new gourmet gadgets that may just be the perfect solution for IPads in the kitchen – the Belkin Fridge Mount and the Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount.

I’ve always been a fan of the Belkin products. I depend on the Belkin IPod adapter to bring my music on the drive, I have a Belkin case on my IPhone and I use a Belkin neoprene sleeve for my Mac Book. It seems an obvious extension of the California company to bring their innovation for electronics into the kitchen and integrate them with the tools we use in this room.

First let’s talk about the Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount. When I see any tool that has the word “mount” in it I immediately sigh – and not with longing. I hate installing anything; every picture in my house is crooked. But relief! This device does not need any tools to use as it simply hangs on the inside of any cabinet and braces against the bottom. Now I can use my IPad one step away from the stove. I’ll just have to remember not to use it there when I’m frying chicken! It seems very secure in this gadget too. The top slides down to cradle any tablet – Ipad or other – so I think that going forward it would adjust to changes in tablet sizes as they are certain to be redesigned over and over again like laptops.

Now the Belkin Fridge Mount. It made me a little more nervous because it depends on CommandStrips to attach the unit to the fridge. I’ve never used CommandStrips before. The products like these I have used before totally stink so my first concern is that those strips are going to fail. My second concern – almost as worrisome – is that I have a stainless steel fridge and when you tape a picture on it, it leaves an ugly mark that really annoys me. What if these CommandStrips screw up my fridge? I’d be really mad. It is super easy to install though.

I love the easy way the IPad2 snaps into this gadget. Having it on the fridge is convenient too. I found that once I’d put it in the carriage I’d end up leaving it there and use it to follow my recipes, type in grocery lists and check out twitter while I cooked. Best of all, the unit seemed very secure even when the boys threw open the fridge door and the tapes did not leave a mark when I pulled the gadget down.

I think these are both gourmet gadgets that are truly useful if you are following recipes online or need a safe storage place for your IPad2 in the kitchen.

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PCE March 16, 2012 at 9:57 am

This is very interesting. Keep on writing.


Chris Chamberlain March 19, 2012 at 8:17 am

Your bacon suggestion is duly noted. Nobody likes a greasy iPad.


Chris March 24, 2012 at 2:06 pm

Tres cool! Now I want one for my tablet, I’m always propping it up against a canister. The price point is a little steep at $50 but I think it will be worth it in the long term.


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